Denture Milling, Dental Lab


Denture Milling, Dental Lab

Denture Milling is distributor  for all your dental laboratory needs!

Denture Milling Base
Denture Milling Base

Denture Milling is distributor  for all your dental laboratory needs!

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Denture milling

Monde CAM (Tablet PC incl.)

Five-axis, simultaneously working;

For the wet processing;

For denture base, snap on smile, peek;

The tool change is done with an automatic change station for 6 tools, The machine base consists of one single, massive cast part,Extreme stability is created with a simultaneous reduction of vibrations;

Turing A axis +_ 180 degree;

Panasonic AC Servo Driver 90-220 V, 50/60 Hz, 2000VA, 10A;

Repeat accuracy +/- 5um

X,Y,Z linear axe with 4mm pitch, traversing range 210 x 110x 85mm; B axis with Ange of inclination of up to +30 degree, -90 degree;

China SFG0601-06 Spindle with 62mm, 1.5kw, 60,000 1/min;

55 x 72 x 76 cm;

air pressure 6 bar;

Manual blank changer;

water tank included;

180kg; shipping included;

3.0mm/ 2.0mm/1.0mm/0.6mm total four cutters on milling work,

PMMA : Height 10-30mm CAD/CAM blank with step Can be processed.

perfect for denture milling 

Denture milling

Quality Products

We use quality materials to produce denture base for VHF, imes-icore, Wieland and many other open CAD/CAM systems.
ø 98.5 mm with step

Made from PMMA with organic/ceramic fillers. Perfect for denture milling applications.

Digital Denture milling


$40 per disc including shipping.

4 Shades available: Pink, Light Pink, Merhary, and Light Merhary in our denture milling center.

Bonding agent

IvoBase cad bond / Vita Vionic Bond

IvoBase Bonding agent are applied on our denture milling case. 

Or Vita Vionic Bonding agent ( self-curing) are applied on our case. 

Denture milling

Pricing Tables

No need to try in, denture milling offer all in one solution start from $68 per denture included teeth.


Check out this great denture milling video

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